JOB NAME:Remove Sludge and Upgrades 
OWNER: Highland Park Water Treatment Plant
LOCATION: Highland Park, MI

DESCRIPTION: Dover Environmental processed removed and disposed of 1 million gallons a Alum Sludge from the north and south clarifiers at the Highland Park Potable Water Treatment Plant. Dover provided onsite processing services to decant the sludge with synthetic polymers and BFP’s for landfill disposal. Work also included minor mechanical upgrades to facilitate isolation. Dover successfully completed this project the satisfaction of the City of Highland Park.

JOB NAME:Environmental Services - Step II Design/Build Turbine Engine Dry Air Capabilities (TEDAC)
OWNER: Arnold Engineering and Development Center – USACE
LOCATION: Arnold Air Force Base, TN
TIMELINE: 2010 -2013

DESCRIPTION: Dover Environmental successfully completed environmental engineering, planning and hazardous materials removal/abatement services for the environmental portion of this 70 million dollar project. Work consisted of the removal of 50,000 gallons of trichloroethylene (TCE) via vacuum distillation inside two 25,000 gallon brine piping systems to attain residual TCE levels of less than 25 parts per billion. Dover was able to reclaim the TCE with an emissions free onsite mobile vacuum distillation process. Dover provided industrial cleaning services as well as hazardous materials abatement. The effort included performing a significant portion of work inside the bases primary wind cooling unit under confined space entry protocol, which required workers to utilize supplied air/SCBA. Dover completed this work within time requirements and the overall project received the Mobile District US Army Corps of Engineers Annual safety Award of Excellence for projects over 50 Million Dollars. The project upgraded AEDC’s testing capabilities for turbine engines utilized in next generation fighter jets as well as domestic aircraft.

JOB NAME:Asbestos Abatement - Douglass High & Mid Rises
OWNER: Detroit Housing Commission

DESCRIPTION: Dover Environmental Has been recently awarded the asbestos abatement services for the former Brewster Douglass High and Mid Rises in Detroit, MI. Work consists of the removal and disposal of friable and non-friable asbestos throughout (4) 15 story high rises and (2) 6 story mid rise apartment complexes to facilitate demolition. All work will be completed with strict adherence to Federal, State and Local Guidelines.

JOB NAME:Construct OMA Flagship Projects (16) Buildings –Asbestos & Hazmat Removal /Demolition
OWNER: US Army Corps of Engineers Ft. Bliss, El Paso TX

DESCRIPTION:Dover Environmental is currently under sub contract to provide environmental plan development, environmental surveys, asbestos abatement, air monitoring and demolition services to provide way for the remodeling of (16) Buildings in Ft. Bliss, TX for the US Army Corps of Engineers. Work will consist of completely hazardous material management, decommissioning, abating and prepping of 16 buildings to make way for building renovations.

JOB NAME: Demolition of 100,000 SF Two-Story Structure
OWNER: Undisclosed

DESCRIPTION: Dover Environmental currently holds a contract to perform the demolition of a 100,000 SF two-story structure. Work will include utility relocation and shut off, the removal of asbestos containing building materials and demolition of a two story structure including parking lots and structural footings.

JOB NAME: (5) Building Renovation – Asbestos Abatement / Hazmat Removal 
OWNER: US Army Corps of Engineers Ft. Bliss, El Paso TX

DESCRIPTION:August 2009 Dover Environmental under sub contract successfully completed a 1200 page complete environmental protection plan and the removal of all asbestos containing building materials for the (5) Building Renovation project at Ft. Bliss, El Paso TX. Work consisted of comprehensive plan design, environmental surveys, asbestos abatement and hazardous materials removal.

JOB NAME: Clean Highland Oil Water Separator – Confined Space Entry and Cleaning of JP8 AST OWS
OWNER: Air National Guard, Selfridge ANGB, MI

DESCRIPTION:July 2009 Dover Environmental successfully performed the complete cleaning of a JP8  fuel overflow containment system including a 25,000 gallon oil water separator at Selfridge Air Base. Work consisted of profiling waste streams, providing waste approvals, jet rodding, pumping; trucking and disposing of 30,000 gallons of JP8 contaminated water and sludge. Upon removal of product Dover Environmental provided permit required confined space entry into the OWS and steam cleaned the entire tank to remove all sludge’s.

JOB NAME: Detroit Department of Transportation – Design/Build Fueling System Renovation
OWNER: Detroit Department of Transportation DDOT

DESCRIPTION:  This project involved the removal of over (55) 2,500-50,000 gallon underground (8) 25,000 gallon above ground storage tanks and associated piping. After demolishing and dismantling the entire structures, crews from Dover Environmental completed the site work, which included removing over 18,500 tons of contaminated soil, installation of ground water collection wells, removing contaminated ground water, and demolition and removal of over 275,000 square feet of 8 inch reinforced concrete. Dover Environmental installed and plumbed over 60 above and below ground fuel, lubricant, anti-freeze, waste oil, oil water separator tanks. Over 2400LF of shoring/sheet piling, 380,000SF of reinforced concrete, multiple below ground natural gas, fuel distribution, water, sanitary and storm utilities and 1500LF of below ground fiber optic telecommunication line were installed. Dover Environmental prepared the site to make way for the largest fuel farm in the Midwest, of which Dover Environmental designed and installed. This fueling facility is now being used as a basis of design across the United States. This fueling facility has a capacity of 580,000 gallons and is a backup fueling farm for the United States Department of Defense. Upon completion of the fueling facility, utilities, roads and parking lots were fully restored. Throughout entire project each fueling station was operable during all renovations.

JOB NAME: Renovation of Dover Headquarters Design/Build
OWNER: Dover Environmental

DESCRIPTION: Dover performed the selective demolition and renovation of its 20,000SF facility in Fraser, MI. this project included the demolition of interior and exterior structural, building, electrical and HVAC components to make way for its expanded corporate offices. Dover utilized, high efficiency lighting, low VOC paints, formaldehyde free adhesives and finishes and 50% post- recycled building products.

JOB NAME: TCE Remediation
OWNER: Art’s Properties

DESCRIPTION: Dover performed the removal of 200 tons of F-Listed TCE and PCB impacted soils at a former dry cleaner. This project included the installation of steel shoring/sheet piling to protect the structural integrity of an existing building located next to the contaminated area. The excavated soils were extremely hazardous and transported directly to an approved hazardous waste landfill. This project was completed under all applicable State and Federal regulations.

JOB NAME: Total Army School System (TASS) Cold Weather Concrete Roof Decking & Flatwork
OWNER: USPFO for MI Ft. Custer, Augusta MI

DESCRIPTION: Dover Environmental successfully installed over 20,000SF of light weight concrete for roof decking and over 32,000SF of 8” roadways, sidewalk and curb and gutter under severe cold weather provisions. Work consisted of prepping sub grades during cold weather condition to meet elevation and compaction requirements. Dover incorporated ground warmers to inhibit frost and maintain a suitable installation environment for sub-grade and flatwork.

JOB NAME: Missile Silo Sludge Removal

DESCRIPTION: Under subcontract with Shaw Group, Dover Environmental removed over 150,000 gallons of sludge and waste at a former missile silo on the US Army Reserve base in Southfield, MI. Work included confined space entry, the removal of scrap steel, solid waste, various contaminants and sludge at depths of over 40 feet. The entire underground facility was steam cleaned to meet environmental clearance requirements. Work was completed under all applicable Local, State and Federal guidelines.

JOB NAME: Waggoner Plant Decommissioning
OWNER: Waggoner Corporation

DESCRIPTION: The decommissioning of a 220,000SF manufacturing/stamping plant required the total removal and industrial cleaning of contaminated media, utility removal, capping and replacement, and stamping press rigging, in over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing area on an 11-acre parcel. Working aggressively around the clock, Dover Environmental was able to complete this project ahead of schedule. This facility had over one-hundred-fifty (150) stamping pits as deep as 30 feet and as long as 100 feet. Over 500,000 gallons of waste oils, sludge, gray waters and lubricants were removed and recycled/disposed. In addition, 750 tons of scrap metals were recycled during this decommissioning project. Dover Environmental lab packed over 335 drums, which were staged and identified for proper disposal.